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The Etiquette Grrls' Recipe for Delicious Artichoke Dip
The absolute best thing to serve at your next Cocktail Party!

At College
Just because you're All Grown Up and At School doesn't mean you can be Rude.

Letter From a Tribal Gaming Casino
EGL and friends visit a place called F—— located in Connecticut.

New Media Etiquette
Hey, now that most Start-Ups have Tanked, this is Retro!

Resolutions for Everybody Else
How to become Polite and Stylish in the New Year.

Beach Etiquette
A trip to the Shore can be a Terrific Lot of Fun!

Some Smashing Halloween Costumes
Because we know you don't want to throw a sheet over your head and go as a Ghost again...

Thanksgiving Dinner Etiquette
It's just One Meal. Here's how to Get Through It Politely.

No, you don't need to resort to Shrink-Wrapped Pre-Made Gift Baskets again... the EGs explain what makes for a Good Present.


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