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About the Etiquette Grrls

The Etiquette Grrls enjoy traveling (first class, whenever possible), drinking stiff G&Ts (avec Bombay Sapphire, please), and shopping for vintage clothing. "Accomplished" young women in the Jane Austen sense of the word, they were taught at very young ages how to play the piano, dance divinely, eat artichokes properly, and spot Good Jewelry. They are vicious badminton players! You will find the Etiquette Grrls listening to Cake, road-tripping in Exclusive Ocean-Front Towns, and collecting Lilly Pulitzer dresses. The Etiquette Grrls throw fabulous parties, renowned all over the Eastern Seaboard, from the classic A Very Boozy Thanksgiving to impromptu soirees for which even poor, starving graduate students wear their smartest cocktail attire. A frequent response from first-time guests at the Etiquette Grrls' parties is, "I had no idea a party without a keg and tequila shots could be so much fun!" In the Etiquette Volvo, which has over 100,000 miles on it, they travel the world, fighting rudeness with cutting remarks, wry observations, and, always, elegance and grace.

The Etiquette Grrls are Not To Be Trifled With.


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