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Somewhere, Someone is Wearing a Tube Top in Church.

At a Funeral.

Cell 'phones are ringing in Classrooms, Theatres, and Libraries. White Sandals are being worn in the Dead of Winter on the Streets of New York. With Stockings. A girl is staggering under the weight of an Air Conditioner, on a 90-degree day, as a nearby boy watches with interest, idly enjoying a Cold Beverage. Young people are Swing-Dancing in Khakis. Chocolate is running around in "Martinis." And everywhere, the Elderly, the Infirm, and the Pregnant are standing up on trains.

We are Appalled. Something has to be done.

This is a job for the Etiquette Grrls.

'Fess up, Dear Reader—have you committed one of the above faux pas? Shame, shame. But we forgive you. After all, you're here, which is the first step toward becoming Gracious, Elegant, and Infinitely Polite!

Who are we? Read about us here.

What else is there besides this web site? The EGs' first book, Things You Need to Be Told, was published in October 2001 by Berkley Books. Our follow-up, the oh-so-cleverly-titled More Things You Need to Be Told, was published in June 2003. More information about our books (including where to order them) is available right here.

More Things You Need to Be ToldCheck out our latest book, More Things You Need to Be Told! Read more about it here. Order a copy on Amazon or look for it in your local bookstore!

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Our Q&A column is a good place to start—ask a Question, or just read the advice we have for Other Curious Readers. Our FAQ addresses the top ten questions we receive. We have an Extensive Archive of Etiquette Advice, also, so do browse through it.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press...
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