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A wee note about Etiquette Imposters

It has come to our attention, Dear Reader, that there are a few wanna-be EGs out there. In and of itself, this is fine, even flattering. We definitely want more people to Take Up the Etiquette Cause! However (and there's a big "however" coming), some of them have decided to start calling themselves "Etiquette Grrl" or "Etiquette Girl" on various blogs, chat sites, and what have you. And worse, they're purporting to offer etiquette advice.

As you might imagine, Dear Reader, this Does Not Sit Well avec the Real EGs. We're attempting to contact these people, and looking into what recourse we might have in Copyright and/or Trademark Law, but in the meantime, should you encounter anyone calling themselves "Etiquette Grrl" or "Etiquette Girl" anywhere on the Internet (except, naturally,,, or in article quoting Lesley Carlin or Honore McDonough Ervin on a Reputable Media Site), don't heed their advice. In fact, please let us know at


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