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The Etiquette Grrls, who have our perfectly manicured fingers on the pulse of Information Technology, ADORE surfing the Web! We recommend that you visit the following sites:

Our publisher, Penguin Puntam. (We're actually published by Berkley Books, one of their divisions. Yes, it's Berkley, not Berkeley. The EGs aren't Hippies...)
Perhaps the best website ever (until the Advent of, of course). And the EGs will Have You Know that we were reading The Onion WELL before their book came out, thank you very much.
Cake is brilliant! Cake needs to Toss Back A Few avec the EGs!!
U2. Although the EGs are Sincerely Hoping that Bono sees the humorous absurdity of his duet with Wyclef Jean as clearly as the EGs do. "Straight outta Dublin"? Hahahahaha. But we still love U2.
Radiohead. If you don't own a copy of OK Computer, there is something Serious Amiss Avec You. Plus, look at the adorable Toothy Little Beastie! Awww!
Volvo... Manufacturers of the One and Only Etiquette Volvo.
The most lovely, traditional writing paper in the world is available at Crane's, and their wedding invitations are To Die For.
To hell with "Ice Blue Pink" and "Cherries In The Snow." Bleurgh. The EGs turn to for lipstick called "Manic Depressive" and nail polish called "Asphyxia." It is Absolutely Imperative that cosmetics have Frightfully Clever, Ironic Names.
The shop where EGL found her Wedding Gown.
Speaking of weddings, the EGs will be appearing at The Wedding March on Madison! This event is sponsored by the Condé Nast Bridal Group and will take place September 19-21, 2003 in New York City. The EGs will be part of two panel discussions on the morning of September 20—we would love to see our Dear Readers there!
Everything is black, grey, brown, or navy. Everything is devoid of Extraneous Decoration. Everything is Rather Pricey. And plus, Banana Republic is online, so the EGs can shop at work!
We do like Godiva chocolates, but those from La Maison du Chocolat are Out of This World.
Looking for a Hostess Gift? Or, perhaps, just some Really Good Imported Pasta for your next Dinner Party? Visit (And if you're ever in Ann Arbor, go to their Fabulous Deli!)
Some of the most lovely gifts in the world come from this store's little blue boxes! (And, Dear Reader, in addition to the Insanely Expensive Diamond Necklaces, etc., they have tons of lovely, inexpensive Everyday Jewelry and Accessories!)
Well, some of their Makeup is Un Peu Trendy, but if you live in the Middle of Nowhere and need some Urban Decay, Stila, or Fresh products, Sephora is a Godsend.
Yes, there's a lot of Junk On Here. But if you search for Vintage Clothing, or a particular Antique China or Silver Pattern, you just might find Something Wonderful. The EGs have!
Everything in the world should smell like Fresh's Lemon Sugar or Honey Linden products. EVERYTHING. (Subway cars, taxis, industrial plants...)
Boys! Listen up! You need to Shop Here. (And since they make a variety of Wrinkle-Free Clothing, you have no excuse to be Rumpled.)
If you can't make it to New York City or London to visit Bliss Spa, try their catalog or online shop instead.
By all means, visit their stores in person if you can (they're very Generous Avec Samples), but Kiehl's online catalog is smashing, as well...
Because when the EGs have to rush to a Strange City, we don't trust that hotels will be decent. This site collects guidebooks and reviews (the negative ones are Most Hilarious). And, oh yeah, producing this site is EGL's Day Job. There is something Completely Bizarre and Hilarious about this, especially when one is Overworked and one plays it over and over on an Endless Loop.
Get Things You Need to Be Told and More Things You Need to Be Told right here!


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