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The Etiquette Grrls and Our Superb Publicist would be Quite Pleased to send you a Press Kit and a Review Copy of Things You Need to Be Told or, when available, More Things You Need to Be Told! (Provided you have Legitimate, Serious Media Credentials, naturally. The EGs are sure that the Family Newsletter you put together in Microsoft Publisher is Very Well Done, but...) Please e-mail Jennifer Slattery at Penguin Putnam Inc. with your information and your request.

If you are interested in Interviewing the Etiquette Grrls, please also contact Jennifer Slattery.


The Etiquette Grrls in the News

New! The New York Daily News asks about Holiday Parties

Newspapers, magazines and online publications

The New York Times Book Review: Etiquette Books for an Age Without Rules, by P.J. O'Rourke

EGL gives USA Weekend some tips on Coed Baby Showers, and gaveCosmopolitan the low-down on Dinner Party Manners in the May 2003 issue.

The Chicago Tribune asks about How to Address Your Mother-in-Law, and includes a sidebar of tips! (Both links require free registration.)

Ladies' Home Journal magazine: Good Manners -- Your Way, by Deborah Pike, with additional reporting by Francesca DiMeglio

Allure: Party Central: Some women seem to waltz through the party scene with invisible spotlights focused on them. Now they share their secrets, by Jennifer Tung

USA Today: Please. Give e-mail sign-offs your best. Thanks. Ciao., by Olivia Barker

Glamour: Let's Talk About Sex: How's Your Sex Etiquette, by Lynn Harris

USA Today: Mom was right: It's rude not to RSVP, by Maria Puente

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Etiquette Grrls strive for new era of politeness, by L.A. Johnson

The Baltimore Sun (syndicated; link is to the Amarillo Globe-News): Company's Coming: Planning ahead for holiday visits keeps houseguests happy and hosts unplagued by unpleasant suprises, by Elizabeth Large

The Chicago Sun-Times: Social Hugging, by Craig Tomashoff

BusinessWeek magazine and BusinessWeek online: Our Favorite Clicks (sorry, their lawyers won't let us link to the article)

USA Today: Sagging economy brings an upturn in recycled gifts, by Olivia Barker

The Houston Chronicle: Make holidays bright by behaving right, by Shelby Hodge

The Philadelphia Inquirer (syndicated; link is to the Pioneer Press): Promptness the latest trend in partygoing, by Elizabeth Wellington Backlash Books Become Fashionable, by Amy C. Sims

BusinessWeek online: Social graces with a smirk, by Francesca di Meglio (we can't link to it... we've heard from their lawyers...)

Real Simple magazine: Solutions: Etiquette for difficult moments, by Sarah Humphreys

Salt Lake Tribune (syndicated by Knight-Ridder): Etiquette Grrls Weigh in on Behavior For the Twentysomething Generation, by Jessie Milligan

The Augusta Chronicle: Big-screen boors, by Lisa M. Lohr

Stamford Advocate (syndicated; link is to the LA Times): Holiday Letter: Keep It Light, and Hold Bragging to a Minimum, by Nadia Lerner

The Improper Bostonian: Ain't Misbehavin', by Leah Gourley

The Princeton Alumni Weekly: Who's rude, and who's not? Popping the Question to... Her Dad, by Jennifer D'Angelo

York [Pa.] Daily Record: To gift or not to gift, by Peter Bothum

The Georgia Tech Technique: Etiquette Grrls battle rude world, by Jennifer Hinkel Living with roomates: Sharing the dos, don'ts of roommate etiquette, by Sarah Knott

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